Interminable Corruptions 'Abysmal Revelation' AOP Cassette

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Artist: Interminable Corruptions
Album: Abysmal Revelation
Label: Realityfade & SBDC Records
Format: Cassette Tape, AOP Shell, Clear Case
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2021
Location: Russia / Italy

Limited to 150 copies only. Amazing all-over-printed tape shell. 

1. Parasitic Existence
2. Annihilation Of Carnality (ft. Clayton Meade / Condemned, Depulsed)
3. Enlightened With Invertebrates
4. Necrophilic Reason (ft. Jonathan Huber / Pathology, I Declare War)
5. Apoptosis (ft. Batu Cetin / Cenotaph, Molested Divinity)
6. Controlled Corification
7. Aphairesis
8. Dessicant In Repeated Spoilage

Interminable Corruptions &