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Gore 'A Journey Into Grotesque (Vol. 2)' CD

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Artist: Gore
Album: A Journey Into Grotesque (Vol. 2)
Label: Bizarre Leprous
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2022
Location: Brazil

1. Aspects Of Forensic Pathology
2. Frenetic Fetishism For Human Pierces In Decopomsotion
3. From Deep Obscurity
4. The Exorcist (Possessed Cover)
5. Ritual Cannibalism
6. Brains In Purulence
7. Surinder Koli And The Hellhouse
8. El Cerdo (Tu Carne Cover)
9. Intro/Consummated Cancer
10. Intestinal Pestilence
11. Cursed Bitch
12. Human Limbs Mutilated
13. Incomplete Evacuation
14. Puke Bubbles
15. Unifinished Radiation
16. Fetus Jejunii
17. Cannibal Zoophilism With Extreme Sexual Abherration
18. Submerged In Diarrhea
19. Intro/Horrors At Nightmare Asylum
20. Lobotomized With A Icepick
21. Morgue Memories
22. In The Grip of Winter (Autopsy Cover)

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