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First Days Of Humanity 'Nonhuman' Cassette

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Artist: First Days Of Humanity
Album: Nonhuman
Label: Grindfather Productions
Format: Cassette Tape
Color: Random
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2023
Location: USA

1. Inventing Butchery
2. Mousterian Death Cave
3. Putrefaction Of Mammoth
4. Chaingun Surgery
5. Constantly Frothing
6. Stabbed With Prismatic Blades
7. Dried Ape Corpse
8. Slurping Ancient Marrows
9. Pixelated Gore
10. Cybernetic Slaughter
11. Glitched Existence
12. Foul Burial Cave
13. The Dawn Of Sewage
14. Scraping The Brains Out Of Your Skull
15. Teeth Marks On Pelvic Bone
16. Ritualized Devourment Of Brains
17. Burping Corpse
18. Tar Tartare
19. Inhalation Of Fetid Cave Vapors
20. Scraping Off Your Face
21. Remains Of Ritual Behavior
22. Pit For Draining Blood

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