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First Days Of Humanity 'Lithic / Wounds Leaking Coagulated Sludge' Cassette

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Artist: First Days Of Humanity
Album: Lithic / Wounds Leaking Coagulated Sludge
Label: Grindfather Productions
Format: Cassette Tape
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2022
Location: USA

A1 Annihilated Cranial Remains
A2 Carnivorous Overkill
A3 Butchered With Sharpened Rocks
A4 Fossilized Corpse
A5 Cannibalistic Fetish Ritual
A6 Primitive Mutilation
A7 Rotting Bone Cleaver
A8 Defleshing Pit
Wounds Leaking Coagulated Sludge
B1 Sinking a Knife Into Your Anus
B2 Overflowing Necrotic Trunk
B3 Cavities Filled with Vomited Excrement
B4 Pleasures of the Cemetery
B5 Erection Covered in Virulent Mucus
B6 Gargling Boiling Urine
B7 Maggots Bursting Forth During Ejaculation
B8 Twisting a Needle Inside You
B9 Submerged in Carborane Acid
B10 An Eruption of Bile and Semen
B11 Draining Pus Into Your Mouth
B12 Slurping Gangrenous Sewage
B13 Bowels Sewn Shut

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