Morphogenetic Malformation ‘Into The Odiousness’ Double CD Collector's Edition

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Artist: Morphogenetic Malformation
Album: Into The Odiousness
Label: Realityfade Records
Format: DVD Case
Genre: Slamming / Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2020
Location: Russia


Into The Odiousness:
1. 47°9' 126°43'
2. Cradle Of Misery
3. Vile Defilement
4. Impulsive Obedience
5. Architecture Of Outrageous Sickness
6. Ominous Epitome
7. Into The Odiousness
8. Transcendental Mind Regress
9. Sanity Paralysis

Dominion of Primordial Chaos:
1. Cult Of Execution
2. Unexplained Misery
3. Awakening Of The Abyss
4. Servants Of Chaos
5. Apocalyptic Influence
6. Clipping Congenital Twin-Parasite (Bonus)
7. Cognitive Impairment From Proteus Syndrome (Bonus)

Collector’s Edition of Morphogenetic Malformation new album ‘Into The Odiousness’. This edition includes x2 CDs: the new album 'Into The Odiousness' as well as the re-edition of the band's debut album 'Dominion Of Primordial Chaos'.

Strictly limited to 111 hand-numbered copies worldwide.

The Collector’s Edition Includes:
– Into The Odiousness CD
- Dominion Of Primordial Chaos CD
- Both Albums Booklets with Lyrics
– Double-Sided A3 Poster
– Certificate of Authenticity
– x4 Trading Cards
– Stickers
– DVD Box to Store All These Goodies

Each item comes in resealable shrinkwrap to ensure maximum shelf wear durability.

Morphogenetic Malformation ‘Into The Odiousness’ Double CD Collector&