Gorepot 'All You Can Smoke' CD

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Imported from Brutal Mind.

1. All You Can Smoke
2. Blazing Extraterrestrial Kush
3. Fuck… I’m Stoned
4. Too Much Weed Aftermath
5. Slamming Stonedtality
6. T.H.C.
7. Cold Stoned Creamery
8. Getting Lit with the Clit
9. Hot Lunch Sundae
10. The Anus Circle of Idiots
11. Kentucky Fried Nipples
12. Vayjayjay Parade
13. Cuntjuice Bubblebath
14. A Theatrical Performance On Puns Is A Play On Words (Bonus Bong)
15. Drag Cream (Bonus Bong)

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