Flesh Hoarder 'Homicidal Necrophile' CD

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Artist: Flesh Hoarder
Album: Homicidal Necrophile
Label: Comatose Music
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2018
Location: USA

1. Between Life and Death (Intro)
2. Ritualistic Rape Victims
3. Tortured Beyond the Grave
4. Ejaculating on the Faces of the Aborted
5. Human Drapery
6. Hogtied and Deep Fried
7. Necrotic Slut Chunks
8. Infatuation With Menstruation
9. Abuse of a Corpse (Instrumental)
10. Counterweight Suicide
11. Burnt, Scraped, Dumped

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