Fatuous Rump '{Brutality}' CD

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Artist: Fatuous Rump
Album: {Brutality}
Label: Brutal Mind
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2019
Location: Taiwan

1. Intro-Narthex of Incongruous Encroachment
2. Aberrant Seepage with Mephitic Component
3. Impending Caustic Erupting Artery of Purulency
4. Anal Addiction
5. Pot of Lurid Pulp
6. Capgras Delusion Syndrome
7. Atrocious Extermination
8. Primordial Scheme of Strangulation
9. Fabricating Bitumen of Disintegrated Martyrs
10. Myiasis
11. Coprocopulation
12. Stagnant Lard of Plundered Gore Glob


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