Council Housing 'Analytic Sessions' CD

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Artist: Council Housing
Album: Analytic Sessions
Label: Lifeless Chasm Records
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Experimental Goregrind
Released: 2021
Location: anonymous

1. Long Periods Of Hebephrenic Catatonia
2. I Am Enlightened As I Sink Into Unreality
3. A Narrow Wire Which Passes Through The Body
4. The Gloss And Smoothness Of Material Things
5. I Comprehend Perfectly The Relation Between The Land Of Enlightenment And The State Of Madness
6. Obedience To The System's Orders Involves Severe Damage To The Integrity Of My Personality
7. Everything Is Alive And Defies Me
8. Caught And Held Fast By The Boundless World Of The Infinitely Small
9. In The Midst Of Desolation, In Indescribable Distress, I Am Terrifyingly Alone

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