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Thanatopsis 'Fidelis Ad Mortem' CD

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Artist: Thanatopsis
Album: Fidelis Ad Mortem
Label: Pathologically Explicit Recordings, Sick Records
Format: Digipak CD
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2022
Location: Sweden, Brazil

1. Blood Falls, Thanatos Rises
2. Septic Ways To Organ Removal
3. Erythema In Oral Mucosa
4. Pulmonary Phlegmatic Mucocystofibrosis
5. Politerastoma Tumor Deformity
6. Illegal Organ Trading
7. Cystic Spermatocele Prominence
8. A Pristine 4 Inches Cyst
9. Infectious Defleshing Maggotfeast
10. Head Trauma... Exposed Crania Contents
11. Organs, Tissues & Corporal Fluids
12. Drilled Eye, Pierced Hands & Torn Apart Rib Cage
13. Putrid Scent Abrupt Intensification
14. Fidelis Ad Mortem
15. Primitive Methods Of Medical Surgery
16. Thoracic Cervical Spine Anatomical Dysmorphism
17. Osteosarcoma Deformities
18. Hideous & Putrid Necrophilia
19. Peripheral Neuroblastoma
20. Apnea

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