Pulmonary Fibrosis &

Pulmonary Fibrosis 'Nasal Nauseous Vomit Liquid Goregrind History Volume 2' CD

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Artist: Pulmonary Fibrosis 
Album: Nasal Nauseous Vomit Liquid Goregrind History Volume 2
Label: Bizarre Leprous
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2022
Location: France

1. Splatter Cadavers Of Putrid Females
2. Diseases Of Mucus Menbrane
3. Disgorgement Of Grindind Entrails
4. Unsalved Of Necrosis
5. Grotesque Anal Passage
6. Gurgling Guts In Your Throat
7. Massive Fermentation Necrosis
8. Vomit Breath (Regurgitate Cover)
9. Pancreatical Pseudocysts
10. Juices Digested From Each Pus Swollen Pore
11. Fuck Off Nazi Bastard (Mxtx Cover)
12. Intro
13. Engorging Flemonose Disrupt
14. Thought The Inflammed Exudation
15. Facial Mastication Cadaveric Sub Tumours
16. Pancreatical Pseudocysts
17. Slowly To Decay (Part 1)
18. Organ Maggots
19. Fuck Off Nazi Bastard (Mxtx Cover)
20. Slowly To Decay (Part 2)
21. Maggots Burrowing Thru My Face
22. Outro
23. Ripping Cold Fields
24. Span Gurgling In Excrement
25. Slowly To Decay (Part 3)
26. Pathological Fracture (Mxtx Cover)
27. Aborting Choke
28. Pathological Increase
29. Blind To The Truth (Nxd Cover)
30. Symptomatic Jigsaws States
31. Vaginometric Fistrules
32. Indefinite Clinical Symptoms
33. Pancreatical Pseudocysts
34. Eat Your Defecation
35. Fuck Off Nazi Bastard (Mxtx Cover)
36. Unslaved Of Necrosis
37. Organ Maggots
38. The Pus Pectoral Rigid Sector Drag You In Clots Blastomy
39. Facial Mastification Cadaveric Sub Tumours
40. Thought The Inflammed Exudation
41. Ferocious Disgorge Depraving In Your Body
42. Compres Of Pulmonary Perenchyma
43. Deformation And Calcification Of Valve
44. Shortcut
45. Neuroblastoma Injected By Viral Oestogena
46. Disordered Feaces Junction
47. Intro - Cadaveric Flatulentia
48. Disfigurate Symptoms Of The Removal Abscess
49. Spangurgling In Excrement
50. The Pus Pectoral Rigid Sector Drag You Inclots Bastemy Finished
51. Facial Mastication Cadaveric Sub Tumours
52. Thought The In Flammed Exudation
53. Compres Of Pulmonary Parenchyma
54. Deformation And Calcitication Of Value
55. Shortcut
56. Bleeding Peptic Ulcer
57. Foetal Limbs Dissemized
58. Fuck Off Nazi Bastards (Mxtx Cover)
59. Blind To The Truth (Nxd Cover)
60. Cannabis Brain
61. Engorging Flemonose Disrupt
62. Pancreatical Pseudocysts
63. Indefenite Clinical Symptoms
64. Symptomatic Jigsaws States
65. Vaginometric Fistules
66. Pseudotuberculosis Granulome Inception
67. Ulcerophlegmonous Inflammation
68. Internal Decrepitude
69. Acidical Dissolution Of Sexual Organ
70. Facial Mastication Cadaveric Sub Tumours
71. Extreme Excresent Facial
72. Injection Of Pus In The Spermcanal
73. Purulent Oesophage Vomit

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