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Human Mastication '13 Years Of Masticating' 2xCD

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Artist: Human Mastication
Album: 13 Years Of Masticating
Label: Brutal Mind
Format: Jewel Case 2xCD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2013
Location: Philippines

1. Intro
2. Demented Pleasures
3. Cruelty Is My Salvation
4. Driven To Kill
5. Bludgeoned Raped And Killed
6. I Feast On Rot
7. B Y B P [Instrumental]
8. Repulsive Display Of Dismembered Bodies
9. Abduction Protocol
10. Dragged And Raped For My Feast
11. Intro
12. Dragged And Raped For My Feast
13. Repulsive Display Of Dismembered Bodies
14. Persecute To Bloodbath
15. Deadly Visions Of My Head
16. Womb Full Of Scabs (Disgorge cover)
17. Obsession To Grisly Mutilation
18. Your Rotting Body Is My Art
19. Unparalleled Perversion
20. Grotesque Mastication Of Putrid Innards
21. Bizzare Museum Of Eviscerated Whores
22. Sodomize The Lacerated Rectum
23. Cannibalistic Pedophile
24. Mutilated By Sacred Plague
25. Necrophilia In The Church
26. Worship Slaves Extermination
27. Putridity Of Molested Birth Canal
28. Sodomize The Lacerated Rectum
29. Scars Of Enslavement
30. Mental Crucifixion
31. Obliteration Of Misconception
32. Sick Abhorrence Of Scam Religion
33. Misery
34. Suffered Humanity
35. Media Enslavement
36. Suffocated
37. Misery
38. Media Enslavement
39. Greed
40. Suffered Humanity
41. Suffocated
42. Destroy For Profit

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