Visions Of Disfigurement join Realityfade to release their sophomore album in 2020!

VOD story began in 2013 starting as a 3-piece internet project. A couple of years of playing live shows and working on the promo/demo material 2016 marks the birth of their debut full length called ‘Abhorrent Extinction’, this record put the band on the slam map as a very strong and promising UK act. Since then the band only grew strong playing many local shows as well as touring Europe sharing the stage with the likes as Suffocation, DISENTOMB, Visceral Disgorge, CONDEMNED, and Whoretopsy. Next year the band is ready to unleash their most heavy and marvelous album to date via Realityfade Records.

Ben Quinlivan says:
“We are very excited to be welcomed into the Realityfade family, and we are happy to be working together. We have a lot planned for the future and now we’re paired with Realityfade Records we now have a truly great platform to launch from”.

Please welcome Visions Of Disfigurement and watch this space for more developments!