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Visions Of Disfigurement ‘Abhorrent Extinction + Aeons of Misery’ x2 Tape Combo


This is a pre-order item that will start shipping late June.
Every order comes with free stickers while supplies last.

Both VOD albums first time ever in cassette tape format!
Limited to only 50 copies worldwide!

Abhorrent Extinction Tracklist:
01. Fecaluria
02. Clitsnipper
03. Forced Urophagia (feat. Chris Butterworth of Crepitation/Kastrated)
04. Spontaneous Cumbustion
05. Excremental Carnal Discharge
06. Miscreation (feat. Robb Clark of Fallen Apollo)
07. Abhorrent Extinction
08. From Clit to Crack
09. Decrepit Expartiation
10. Necrotic Cranial Fornication

Aeons of Misery Tracklist:
01. The Body Farm
02. Unimpaired Depravity
03. Aeons of Misery
04. Depraved Cognitive Deformation (feat. Lukas Swiaczny of Stillbirth)
05. Kadingir Sanctum
06. Spawning Putrefaction
07. Chains of Consciousness (feat. Zac Bergholtz of Whoretopsy)
08. Citadel of Flesh
09. Perpetual Torment (feat. Meik Grziwa of Begging for Incest)
10. Pandemonium
11. Plagues


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