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Pustulated ‘Haematoma’ CD

9.97 5.97

1. Eosinophilis Tognosia
2. Sinsoriacanthromdebic Carcinoma – Lining the Vulvovaginal Trichomoniasis
3. Zacre
4. Dyerrhea Pallidum
5. Cut into Pieces (Vengeance Rising cover)
6. Neuro-Dimebag Exhumation
7. Dementia Infinita
8. Thoracic Gallagonal Aspiration
9. Coronary Artery Thrombosis with Posterior Wall Myocardial Fibrosis
10. Adipocere: Sinking, Putrefaction and Re-floating
11. Expansion of Subpleural Petachiae: Heamodulation and Heamolysis
12. Lupus Nephritis

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