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Angel Splitter ‘Descension To Demonic Paraphilia’ CD


Imported from Lord of the Sick Recordings.

1. Hymns Of Reprobation
2. Domination Through Disembowelment
3. Prognostication Manifestation
4. He, Who Devours (ft. Kevin O’Laughlin of Strychnia)
5. Descension
6. Crucifixion Fixation (ft. Brandon Smith of Agonal Breathing)
7. Gallery Of Putrescent Flesh (ft. Elijah Sappenfield of Fail Yourself)
8. Necrosadistic Adolescent Vengeance (ft. Adam Mercer of Entombed in the Abyss)
9. Seek To Consume
10. Masticating the Damned
11. Fornication Within the Rivers of Residual Menstruation
12. Dissolution


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