ByoNoiseGenerator 'Neuromechanica'

ByoNoiseGenerator is a Death Metal band hailing from Perm/Russia. Three years in the works since their debut album “Turbulent Biogenesis”, 2018 marks the release of their sophomore opus via Realityfade Records.
“Neuromechanica” successfully incorporates Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore, and Jazz to provide some of the most unique musick experience. Ten tracks clocking at 16 minutes of sonic spasmatic lunacy, it will leave a mark in extreme music scene for generations to admire.

You want crazy? Here’s crazy. Jazz, noise & tramadol!

All music by ByoNoiseGenerator.
Recorded at AngelRape Studio by Roman Grigoryev.
Mixed and mastered at Slaughtered Studio by Andrey Brodsky.
Artwork by Dmitry Baikodrom Kosmadur.
Designed and released by Realityfade Records.

Released: September 20, 2018