The Ritual Aura 'Velothi' CD

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Artist: The Ritual Aura
Album: Velothi
Label: Realityfade Records
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Technical / Progressive Death Metal
Released: 2020
Location: Australia

1. Destati / The Womb, Astral
2. Sunder I: Lorkhan, Heir of the Void
3. Sunder II: Elysian Flesh-Divinity
4. Sunder III: A Reasonable Amount of Selfishness
5. Sunder IV: The Weight of Falsehood
6. Keening I: Psijic / CHIM
7. Keening II: In My Own Parting Words
8. Keening III: Dreamer's End
9. Keening IV: Red Year & The Fall
10. Silt Sunrise [Bonus Track]

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