Mastectomy 'Hell On Earth' CD

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Artist: Mastectomy
Album: Hell On Earth
Label: Rotten Music
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2017
Location: Poland

1. Destroying The Monument Of Holy Mary
2. Repulsive Inhuman Bestiality
3. Global Cesspool
4. Suffocated By Barbed Wire
5. Krew Za Krew (Blood For Blood)
6. Domain Of A Dreadful Reprisal
7. Multiple Injections Pavulon
8. Deadly Chain Of Events
9. Beat Down That Fucking Bitch
10. Aborted From A God’s Womb
11. Squeezing The Trigger
12. Family Execution
13. Pornopeadophilic Infestation
14. Sadystyczne Zabawy (Sadistic Games)

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