Kill Everything / NecroticGoreBeast / Virulent Excision / Gorepot &

Kill Everything / NecroticGoreBeast / Virulent Excision / Gorepot 'Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty (Split)' CD

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Artist: Kill Everything / NecroticGoreBeast / Virulent Excision / Gorepot
Album: Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty (Split)
Label: Comatose Music
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2022
Location: USA, Canadana, Taiwan

1. Kill Everything - No Lives Matter
2. Kill Everything - Maggot Frenzy
3. Kill Everything - The Violator
4. NecroticGoreBeast - Gangrened Genital Tumor Exhibit
5. NecroticGoreBeast - Purulent Rectal Discharge
6. NecroticGoreBeast - Butchered Transurethral Prostate Removal
7. Virulent Excision - Consuming Mortality
8. Virulent Excision - Carnivorous Defleshment
9. Gorepot - Bill Cosby's Favorite Disney Princess Is Sleeping Beauty
10. Gorepot - Mrs. Claus Is Frustrated With Santa Claus Because He Only Comes Once A Year
11. Gorepot - The Woman Was Saved From A Rapist By The Gay Rapist That Raped The Rapist
12. Gorepot - My Ex-Boyfriend And Instant Noodles Are Both Done In Two Minutes

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