Gangrenectomy 'Abhorrent Necrotic Harvester of Dismembered Human Flesh' CD

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Artist: Gangrenectomy
Album: Abhorrent Necrotic Harvester of Dismembered Human Flesh
Label: Death Metal Industry
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2015
Location: Italy

1. Ejaculating on a Stillborn Sevared Head
2. Atrociousely Groped by a Legion Of Stinky Homeless In a Fine Restaurant While people keeps talking lovably
3. Devoured By a Necrotic Swarm of Humanoid Insects
4. Implanting to Genital Tools for Mutilation
5. Intro (Marcescent Descent)
6. Marcescent Remains of Inhuman Butchery
7. Self- Disemboweling Facefucked Bitch
8. Unmerciful Spine- Eradicating Decapitation
9. Postmortem First Date Coitus

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