Dissociative Healing 'Dissociative Healing' CD

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Artist: Dissociative Healing
Album: Dissociative Healing
Label: Lord Of The Sick Recordings
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2017
Location: Russia

1. Returned From The Dust
2. The Doomed Captives Of Sensor Deprivation
3. Slow River Stops
4. Plot Of Pageant
5. Bright Emotionality Of False Recognition
6. Intuitively – Spontaneous Craft
7. Attribute Of Internal Friction
8. Accumulation Of Anxiety
9. Verbal Formulas
10. Complicated Views At Passive Neologisms
11. Adapted To Metaphysical Intoxication
12. Reduced To A Limbless Sexslave (Artery Eruption Cover)
13. Angry Bumblebee (Bonus)
14. Hidden Track

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