.357 Homicide 'Discography Set' x3 CDs | PRE-ORDER

.357 Homicide 'Discography Set' x3 CDs | PRE-ORDER

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Artist: .357 Homicide
Album: Executed On Site, Homicidal Amusement, and Immutable Lethality
Label: Reality Fade
Format: x3 Jewel Case CDs
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2021, 2022, 2024
Location: Manchester, UK

Executed On Site Tracklist:
1. Partner In Perversion
2. Fetid Rigor Mortis
3. Civilian Incursion
4. Mangled In The Snow ft. Hugo Daniel of Esophagus
5. Incremation ft. Mats Funderud of Kraanium
6. Severe Latrogenesis
7. Sanguineous Drainage
8. Impure Gangrene Embalming
9. Jugular Constrictor ft. Kirill Zarubin of Traumatomy
10. Executed On Site

Homicidal Amusement Tracklist:
1. Isolated Resort Of Deleterious Tendencies
2. Deep Sea Putrefaction
3. Mortiferous Inverse Lithotomy
4. Courtesan Killings (ft. Jossi Bima / Invigorate)
5. Scattered Maimed Mammary Glands
6. Locomotive Derangement
7. Excruciating Vestal Bondage
8. Revolting Accumulation Of Mouldered Testes (ft. Larry Wang / Fatuous Rump & Coprocephalic)
9. Barbaric Speleology
10. Homicidal Amusement Through Supreme Exsanguination (ft. Jon Burr / Colpocleisis & Omnipotent Hysteria)

Immutable Lethality Tracklist:
1. Immutable Lethality  
2. Swallowing Shrapnel (ft. Kiriakos Destounis of Embryectomy)
3. Scalped  
4. Vomitous Vermin Consumption
5. Cyanide Paradise
6. Remorseless Lapidation  
7. Erupting Pungent Chunks (ft. Joey Buse of Chokeslam)
8. Industrial Flesh Factory (ft. Chris Butterworth of Crepitation)
9. Evolved Catastrophic Suffering
10. Incessant Self Inflictions 
11. Vivisepulture 
12. Nacht Des Mordes

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