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Slimey Xenarch Edition

Perhaps the sickest boxset from RF yet! Art pops in person ❤️ 666/666

Realityfade always on schedule, always on time

I always look very forward to placing my orders with Realityfade, very good customer service, fast, efficient shipping, attention to detail when packing what you ordered as safely as possible. I highly suggest anyone and everyone to buy Exorcised Gods albums, or any others Realityfade releases and distro.


Awesome caps
Only customs in my country is very slow haha

Shirt so brutal

Incredible quality! One of my favorite albums, bands,(movies) and artists. If Arnie knew these existed, I'm sure he would get one too.

- John Dutch

"No deal!"
-also Dutch


Excellent service fast ass shipping thank you

Great product!

I was quite excited when this arrived. The artwork is amazing and I like that it is in a dvd case. Makes the art clearer. The included swag was great as well. The stickers and poster are great quality. The cards are pretty unique as well.
Shipping took a minute as 8 am in the US, but it was well worth the wait!

Catchy Slam Album Name #3056

Fast response & quick shipping, CD was well packaged and as described. Decent price, & currently can't find anywhere for cheaper (for UK delivery). Cheers! Also, exclusive bonus track for this edition!

The new Esophagus record slams!

Only one of a couple bands in all of death metal to use Predator style vocals! Unique as hell!

Top sickness

Got this a while ago. Thanks for the extras!


Sick package full of VOD stuff. Thanks!


So pumped to have this on wax. This album is one of my favorites of the year. So brutal.

A must have slam

Cranial Contamination!! A must have, epic and sick slam band.

Stellar quality flags

New haul are these absolutely stunning wall flags by Realityfade. Another stellar job as usual Dimitri and co!

Sick shirt


Sick new haul

With the FRESH Vampirecunt t-shirt and balaclava I really be on that $lam Gang $hit. The Esophagus balaclava looking strong with the red too! Just 3 flags to go and that’s the haul complete! Amazing job again Dimitri and co!


Facelift Deformation's new album Cybernetic Organism Atrocities in both the normal and special edition (9/111) as well as their 2017 promo (76/111) 💁🏻‍♂️ Shoutout to the team for always sending a load of stickers with each order 💪💪💪

Continuous support!



Fast and reliable shipping. Thanks!

Dayum 2017 "Dark Souls"


Top BDM!!!

Ineffable Demise - Beyond the Marrow Gates [2018] Jewel Box / Realityfade Records

The line-up was powerful - the dudes from delusional parasitosis, Amputated Genitals, scatorgy, iniquitous deeds and byonoisegenerator couldn't record shit. Deep, infernal guttural and powerful sound. For all fans of Putridity, must have!

Thanks a lot!

Brutal mail just in.


A stack of CD’s arrived today from the impeccable store 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻


One of my favorite longsleeve shirts from you guys.

Love ordering here

Always great experience and awesome bands!

Collection update

Thanks for fast delivery