NEW Release Pre-Order: Carnal Abhorrence ‘Gormandizing Rupture’

We’re happy to presentย Carnal Abhorrence ‘Gormandizing Rupture’.

A mix of fast-paced brutality and melodic technicality with a flavor of juicy gutturals, this album builds on the ‘Omniscient Injection’ EP and gives an insight into the mind of a being who was created by man, for annihilation. This being was created by siphoning stem-cells, and other precious molecular compound fluids from the deadliest individuals on the planet. Now that he is created, he has broken free of his constraints and is unleashing chaos upon mankind.ย 
‘Gormandizing Rupture’ is not only an auditory documentary recollecting the events the being experienced (post-creation) but an album that conveys the message that technology will eventually yield something which cannot be controlled.

The album is to be released and starts shipping July 30.

01. Omniscient Injection
02. Crowning Champions Of Carnage
03. Pervertology Epicenter
04. Global Exophagiacal Amalgamation
05. Gormandizing Rupture
06. Vulvarium
07. Serpentine Stranglehold

๐ŸŽต Advanced track is available for streaming: