ByoNoiseGenerator ‘Neuromechanica’ 2018

ByoNoiseGenerator “Neuromechanica” 2018

Sophomore opus by these Jazzgrind experimentalists is coming this summer via Realityfade Records. Lunacy in musical form.

1. 9.8m/sec2EndorphinNoseDive
2. АШ-82Low-LevelQuickFireRun
3. 4°FlutterFlux
4. 3/4CavityHydroblowTango
5. Ku259Half-Life
6. 140dBLoveSong
7. (С2Н5)20-Junkies’NeuroOverture
8. N.O.D.CreeepingTrips
9. Permanent100%Aerophobia
10. C16H25NO2EfficiencyRatio

Advanced track will be presented soon. In the mean time please visit their page at ByoNoiseGenerator and give them a simple Like & Follow.