Human Barbecue ‘Bloodstained Altars’ coming late Summer, 2020

Human Barbecue ‘Bloodstained Altars’ Artwork & Tracklist Reveal

We are mega stoked to present to you another amazing release of Realityfade’s 2020 slam streak. Human Barbecue’s sophomore full length features 12 tracks exploring grotesque & cannibalistic themes and artwork by Armaada Art.

01. Twelve Gauge Facial Reconstructive Surgery
02. Ritualistic Consumption
03. Masticating the Fermented Flesh of Putrified Cadavers
04. Sliced And Eviscerated (feat. Brandon Smith of Agonal Breathing)
05. Repeatedly Stabbed With a Bowie Knife
06. Homicidal Embryonic Rampage
07. Acidic Liquification of Internal Organs
08. A Murderous Soul with a Chainsaw (feat. Gerardo Pavon of Bodybag)
09. Impaled, Flayed and Devoured
10. Bone Splinters
11. Bloodstained Altars (feat. Andreas Tseung of Soils Of Fate)
12. Abhorrent Torture Killing

Due to COVID-19 the album is being postponed but we keep high hopes for the late Summer release. Watch this space for more news!