Metrorrhagia 'Metrorrhagia' CD

Metrorrhagia 'Metrorrhagia' CD

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Artist: Metrorrhagia
Album: Metrorrhagia
Label: Reality Fade
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2020/2023
Location: USA

1. Writhing in His Fluids
2. Animalistic Defecation of Partially Digested Human Remains
3. Dislimbed Fetus Flesh Pile
4. Powdered Skeletal Remains
5. Humiliated and Dismembered
6. Repeated Facial Trauma Resulting in Cycloptic Features
7. Gorging on Ripe Pulverized Intestines
8. Alone in the Morgue
9. Ravenous Autophagic Satisfaction
10. Rotten Flesh Feast
11. Exquisite Meal With a Decapitated Cadaver
12. Unrestrained Arousal by the Scent of Putrefaction
13. Vomiting Due to an Alluring Coffin Birth
14. Collection of Unidentifiable Liquid Remains
15. Spontaneous Ejaculation from Fantasies of Cadaver Molesting Deviance
16. Adorned With Melting Plastic
17. A Living Breathing Snuff Film
18. Pregnant With a Plump Litter of Maggots


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