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Disgorged Foetus 'the GORE collection' LP

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Artist: Disgorged Foetus
Album: the GORE collection
Label: Pathologically Explicit Recordings
Format: 12" Gatefold 2 LP
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2023
Location: France

1. Intro: Grotesque Suppuration (Bloody Overture)
2. Hymn Of The Prematured GORE Holocaust
3. Worm Final Armageddon
4. Consuming The Excreted Rotting Bitch
5. The aGOREaphobic Cadaver
6. Triumph Of The Penis (Wide Open Cunts)
7. Hung Down With An Indigestible Guts
8. Succulent Devourment Of Larves
9. Embryonic Necrophagus (Part.I)
10. Orgy In Mucupurulent Wound
11. Wound Fuck / Perpetual Sperm Injection
12. Brain Oozing
13. Degustation Of A Cranial Suppuration
14. Pus & Maggots Salad
15. Rancing Meat Sodomizer
16. Stench Of Corpse
17. Anorectal Regurgitation
18. Consuming The Excreted Rotting Bitch (live)
19. Putrefying Gangrenous Abscess
20. Fistfuck the Headless and Carbonized Infected Bodies
21. Embryonic Necrophagus (Pt.III - Age of Purulence)
22. Bloodcum Old Ritual Fetishism
23. Cumfortable Circumstance
24. Sect Sex Six
25. NecroEater Worm Infestation (2020 version)
26. Cancerous Pus from Brain (2020 version)
27. Ruptured Sphincter's Ligature (pus attack pt. I)
28. Outrot

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