Decomposition Of Entrails ‘Abnormality’ 2018

We are beyond excited to reveal the details about our new release!

The third opus “Abnormality” by the Russian Slam Masters Decomposition Of Entrails is coming to slam you late 2018 via Realityfade Records.


01. Abyss of the Wicked
02. Viral Eruption
03. Anathema
04. Revival of Chaos
05. Dominion
06. Ruins in the blood
07. Somatic Hybridization
08. Ominous Maelstorm
09. Doom

The album is in active recording stage. Produced by Saturos Studio (Dysmorfectomy, Putrefied Cadaver, Decomposition Of Entrails). Cover artwork by Daemorph Art. Keep your eyes peeled for more info in the near future!