Naegleria Fowleri 'Odes To The Adorable Essence Of Putrefaction' CD

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Artist: Naegleria Fowleri
Album: Odes To The Adorable Essence Of Putrefaction
Label: Ungodly Ruins Productions
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2020
Location: Russia

1. Spawned Into The Inane Existence
2. Prelibation Of Impending Torpor
3. Undeniable Urge To Mutilate
4. Spastic Consumption Of Injurious Stimuli
5. Expunged And Truncated
6. Lacerating Facial Tissue
7. Projection Of Ancestral Bile
8. Lusting For Cavity
9. Celestial Excavations
10. Portioned Dislimbing, Digestion And Defecation
11. Progeny Of The Gruel
12. Fragmenting The Repulsive Tangibility
13. Carelessly Reduced
14. Accepted Corrosion Of Self
15. Edibility Of Spiritual Repugnance
16. Corporeal Exhibition
17. Sentenced To Apoptosis
18. Fractals Of Absolute Disease
19. Transformed Into Fetid Naught

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