Cytoparasitic 'In The Domain Of Misery' CD

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Artist: Cytoparasitic
Album: In The Domain Of Misery
Label: Ungodly Ruins Productions
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2020
Location: Russia

1. In The Domain Of Misery
2. Rotting Abortion
3. Scabbing Of The Mutilated (ft. Larry Wang of Coprocephalic)
4. Intracranial Pigwash Pumping
5. Contemplation Of Splattered Innards
6. Abdominal Fossil Pulsation
7. Hunger Causes The Gutting (ft. Ruben Guerra of Deracinated)
8. Infernal Purulent Torture
9. Self-Destruction By Mental Disorder

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