Promotional CDs for 3 upcoming label releases available and shipping!


We are happy to report that the Promotional CDs for three new upcoming albums are out now and available for order! Strictly limited to 100 hand numbered copies each, these are released to promote the upcoming albums by Scatology Secretion “The Ramifications Of A Global Calamity” 10/01/17, Habitual Depravity “TBA” 12/31/17 and Impending Atonement “TBA”! Get yours while they last and keep an eye out for some news on these future albums!

Introducing: Scatology Secretion – Our new proud signing!


Reality Fade Records proudly presents the new signing of Scatology Secretion!
This international trio coming from Spain and USA, containing of members from such acts as Vituperate, Fixation On Suffering, Human Excoriation will deliver you sick and fast brutality influenced by themes of radiation, mutation, and a world of post-apocalypse. The artwork is being done by Pedro Sena – Lordigan as we speak and the sound will be handled once again by our friend Sasha at Tsun Tsun Productions!
We have inked a deal to release their debut album that will be preceded by a Promo CD containing 2 tracks late this summer! Keep an eye out and spread the word!

Dysmorfectomy “Hypothermal Dissection” – NEW release announcement!


Reality Fade Records proudly presents “Hypothermal Dissection”, a new offering from one of the recent promising discoveries – French one man Slam Machine DYSMORFECTOMY! It is a sophomore follow up to their 2016 debut “Rapist Of Flesh”, which delves to explore a vast, desolate planes of a dead frozen planet spiced up with GORE. Excellent sound production by Tsun Tsun Productions, more diverse, mature song writing, and splendid artwork by hand of Lordigan Sena make this album stand out among others. The CD is available in two different versions: “Glacial” (LIMITED to 400 CDs) and “Acid” (LIMITED to 100 CD copies).

PRE-ORDER and secure your copy of a very limited T-Shirt run or CD HERE.

Dysmorfectomy signs with Reality Fade Records to release their 2nd album


Proud to announce the signing of DYSMORFECTOMY! This monster has bred his stillborn debut last year and is now ready to unleash the 2nd one early this summer via Reality Fade Records. Mixed and mastered by TsunTsun Productions and decorated by Lordigan Pedro Sena’s artwork, it will offer 10 tracks of freezing cold BDM to please anyone craving for some slamming brutality.

Check their official 2017 promo (with the old sound) stream kindly posted by Slam Worldwide here:

Interminable Corruptions “Xenodimensional Conflux” cover art and release details revealed.


Reality Fade Records is beyond stoked to announce it’s new release!

Emerging from a deep dark space, “Xenodimensional Conflux” is a debut album by Interminable Corruptions out of Russia and Italy. Inspired by the classick 1997 space horror flick “Event Horizon”, it is 9 track Brutal Death Metal Marvel that is set to become one of the most notable releases of this year.

Featuring members from Devangelic, Neurogenic, Lack Of Truth, Derogation and guest vocalists from Virulency, Xenomorphic Contamination, and Precognitive Holocaust Annotations.


01. Tripple Six Parsecs To The Dark
02. The Blood Orgy
03. Inaudible Screams Of Suffering
04. Unholy Vessel Of Doom
05. Xenodimensional Conflux
06. Libera Te Tuteme Ex Inferis
07. The Core
08. Drifting In The Endless Void Of Space
09. 2040

Mixing and mastering done by TsunTsun Productions.
Artwork by Seeming Watcher.

Release: May, 2017. Save yourself from hell.

Preview track and pre-orders will be posted soon.

Coprobaptized Cunthunter Joins Reality Fade Records


Reality Fade Records is very proud to announce the addition of Coprobaptized Cunthunter to our family. Their new EP is recorded and is being mixed at Inurn Productions right at this moment. The EP contains of 8 tracks approximately 13 minutes long, featuring guest vocals by Ligore from Ecchymosis it will no doubt please all fans of heavy ping snare brutality from Russia.
Show them your love and support by checking their one and only official page here Coprobaptized Cunthunter and stay tuned for more updates, preview tracks and pre-orders.